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Saying I Do with Unplugged Weddings?

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

A little while back, we did a little poll to ask our friends, family & followers their opinions on "Unplugged Weddings". Unsurprisingly we had quite the divided response (even amongst our fellow wedding industry peers). And we're here to present both the summarized pros & cons for any brides debating this dilemma.

For the uninitiated, an unplugged wedding is when you ask your family, friends and guest to turn off their phones, ipads, cameras and other digital distractions during the ceremony or wedding festivities.

Choosing an Unplugged experience

"It's a good time to remind people to be in the moment and to also give respect to the wedding couple as this an intimate moment." says Clarissa Tng, a bride to be. With more modern brides placing more emphasis on having their nearest and dearest present during their big day, going the "unplugged" route is definitely helpful to have a audience of guests who are connected to what's happening during the ceremony instead of being fixated on texting or capturing the "money shot" of the bride coming down the aisle on their iphones during the ceremony.

Candid shots of the moment definitely have their value (although some of them can be unflattering), but a wedding photographer is there for a reason too. Having to compete with guests for the perfect shot or even have that random flash from an uncle's smartphone going off at the critical moment could affect the photographer or videographers' work.

Imagine a ceremony where all eyes are on you (not through a screen), where you look up and you can see the loving gazes and smiles of your family members and friends. Fast forward a few months, you'll receive your wedding day images with these precious moments captured perfectly, just the way you envisioned it - perfect for your photo keepsakes. That's why you choose the unplugged experience.

Tips for brides considering this:

  • Spread the word through your save the dates, wedding website, and/or day-of ceremony program for one final reminder. Repetition helps to get the message across

  • Consider having your wedding officiant gently mention it during his/her welcome speech. They're an authority figure, so people tend to listen to them.

Embracing Electronics

Then again, there are plenty of millennials and brides alike who are all for a social media soiree! With a plugged-in wedding, you can relive the day through your guests Instagram and Facebook photos.

With guest snapping and uploading photos on social media through the day, you'll be sure to have plenty of photos to review of your big day even before your photographer get to send you their edits.

If you are a bride who would love to keep up to date with all the exciting developments happening with all your guests, this is definitely the route for you.

Tips for brides considering this:

  • Share your wedding hashtag ahead of time and encourage your guests to tag you and the groom in their pictures.

Best of Both Worlds

In a perfect world, it would be ideal to limit your guest list to who those genuinely have a stake in your life and care about you. For such guests, no reminder is necessary for them to be engaged in the proceedings of your big day. They will care enough to want to do the best things for you.

If the above is not possible, we know parental pressures can sometimes influence the guest list significantly, the next best option would be to just limiting the use of electronics during the wedding ceremony itself. Having the officiant / emcee to remind the guests to keep their devices away during specific segments of the ceremony or big day, will help focus everyone's attention for the important moments - and that's what matters!

Hopefully our little suggestion will be of help to some of the undecided brides out there. Let us know which route you chose to go with for your big day! We'll love to hear your reasons why :)

Thanks for reading through our thoughts on this topic! We share more on our blog about wedding / keepsakes related topics such as “Why You Should Invest in an Heirloom Wedding Photo Album?”, “How to Choose Your Photos for Your Actual Day Wedding Album?” and more!

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