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What's in a Name?

Lovestills™ is a word we created to represent "Moments of love captured and eternalized”.  It represents more than just weddings, anniversaries, friendship or family milestones.

It's all about the little or big moments that you hold dear.  

Our Story


Remember the feeling you had when you used to go through photos of your parents when they were dating, your grandparents’ old wedding portraits and more?

Inspired to continue this precious tradition of the past generations, we created Lovestills™ to help newlyweds, friends and families make their own quality keepsake worthy of preserving the significant moments in life, to be re-lived, shared and celebrated in generations to come.

We strongly believe in print as a medium - a time capsule of sorts - to ensure that these beautiful memories do not end up lost in the cloud of data. 

Our humble wish is to help preserve the beautiful and happy memories people share with one another in a lifetime - one Lovestills™ Keepsake at a time - from wedding albums, to newborn photo books or even family portraits.


Let us help you create a keepsake you and your loved ones can look back on together, years from now and relish in the moments.

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