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8 ways to make full use of your wedding photos | After the wedding

Wedding photography is one of the most important and expensive expense of your big day. So when you finally get your wedding photos (usually in the high hundreds), what do you do with them? We have some interesting ideas here.

Digital Backup

This is the first thing you should do. Once you receive the usb drive or dropbox link from your photographer, do the smart thing, and back it up. Have one set of wedding photos in your computer and another with your partner. This is not a fool-proof fail safe measure (knowing how electronics tend to die out on us over time), but it's better than not having one. Keeping your wedding photos in digital form is not exactly the best way to utilize them. Given the amount of digital clutter on our electronic devices, the chances you'll look at them is extremely low. So read on for more ideas below.

Viewing Party

It is exactly what the heading says. Throw a post-wedding viewing party with family and/or friends. Curate the wedding photos on a slideshow, put out some wine and snacks, and have a blast re-living the crazy moments of the big day together. Trust us, many things happen on the day that the bride and groom are totally unaware about - this is a great opportunity to hear stories from your friends and family. And if anything, it's a wonderful premise for getting your favorite gang of people together once more.

Social Media

This probably doesn't need to be on the list since many people will start with this first. Yes, feel free to share your selected highlights of your big day on your favorite social media platform. But we thought we should highlight that this should NOT be used as a digital backup of your wedding images. Who knows where Facebook and Instagram will be when we are in our 60s and trying to look for wedding photos to share with our kids? Remember MySpace and Friendster?

Minimalist Wedding Album

The most tangible way of safeguarding your memories from your wedding day for generations to come. For couples who think that an album will be collecting dust, we say there are many ways to help avoid that. Many couples these days incorporate the wedding album as part of their coffee table reads - a great way for new guests to their home to experience an important moment of their lives and a great conversation starter. Some keep it by their bedside tables. Other brides even suggest how they take it out every anniversary to go through the photos with their partners and make it a game of who can remember the most images from it. Whichever way you choose to go about reliving your memories with an album, one thing is for sure - nothing compares to flipping through those pages and feeling the rush of nostalgia.

Thank You Cards

For the special few who made your big day possible - from your parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, sisters, brothers and more who helped out - personalized thank you cards would be a sweet gesture. Pick out special shots of them from the big day, and personalize it with a heartfelt thank note.


This is a simple one. Find your favorite picture from the hundreds (okay maybe not that simple) and use it as your desktop or mobile wallpaper. Not only is it a sweet gesture, but also a great way to remind yourself daily of how much love you feel for your partner.

Home Decor

Another simple way of reminding yourselves of the happy and significant moment of your wedding day is to incorporate it into your home decor. Having wedding photos on display in any home helps to give a personal touch and feeling of home. Be it in frames, canvas prints, displaying your wedding photos proudly in your home can also do wonders on a psychological level on reassuring your partner on how important they are to you.

1st Anniversary Gift

Last but not least, you can look to re-using these photos for a 1st anniversary gift. Did you know the theme of 1st anniversary gifts is paper? What better an excuse than this to print out your wedding photos for an opportunity to relive that amazing milestone you shared just a year ago? Be it printing out a photo album, getting a customized portrait or writing a love letter - using your wedding photos will definitely be a nostalgic and meaningful touch to the gift.

Thanks for reading through our thoughts on this topic!

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