Red Packets for Good
  • Minimalist red packets for all your happy celebrations in the upcoming year - with a positive spin! Read on.


    Our very first red packet edition design is inspired by the way we sign off well wishes to our loved ones. The gifting of a red packet, beyond its traditional meaning of sending good luck, often belies an underlying message of love and affection the giver sends to the intended recipient. The design brings that to the forefront and center, reminding us of the thought behind the gifting of the red packet. Space is left intentionally for you to personalize the red packet with your personal signature - see examples in photos above on where to sign off.


    To top it off, having had the opportunities to be part of so many happy and joyous occasions, we wanted to spread the love - to give back to society. 50% of all profits from this red packet collection from now till end of 2020 will be donated to our charity of choice: Singapore Children Society.

    Red Packets for Good

      • 5 pieces of the same color in a set 
      • Crafted with 150gsm matte glimmer paper and foilstamp finishing
      • Large enough to fit a $100 Singapore bill
      • Measures approximately 165x90mm when flap is closed
      • 50% of profits will go to Singapore Children Society


      In stock. Normal mailing included for local delivery (3-7 working days)

    We believe in Quality not Quantity.