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Choose Print over Pixel

Do you lose track of the photos in your phone or desktop? In this digital age, hundreds if not thousands of photos are often lost to the cloud. Physical photo keepsakes like albums, photobooks or canvas prints are a wonderful and tangible way to help us cherish & celebrate the best milestones in life. Let me explain.


We form emotional connections with physical items. Pyschologists tell us touching a photograph where a face is smiling, is the same thing as touching a book when you read it. There’s a lot of stimulation of the brain when you have that sensory experience. Happy memories and a wave of nostalgia can rush back in association with physical touch of a significant photo keepsake.

Take the first step to leave your story, your legacy behind with our professionally handcrafted keepsakes with high quality, lasting materials to ensure you and your loved ones can look back on together, years from now and relish in the happy moments.

As humans, we live in the pursuit of happiness, we yearn to create and relive happy moments and milestones - from celebrating the magical union of two individuals on their big day to the welcoming of a new precious life into the family and many other joyful moments in your life.

There's a photo keepsake for every meaningful occasion. Take a look around in our online shop to find a suitable for your happy memory. If you need a little help deciding, you can always speak to our friendly designers to learn more.

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