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Each Timeless Album Comes with...

Keepsakes Care Guide

Lovestills Keepsakes are made of carefully curated materials to enable you to safeguard your precious memories for generations to come.


Please kindly refer to the care instructions below to ensure your precious keepsakes remain in top condition.

Light & Heat

It is highly recommended to store your photo books and albums in shaded and cool spots in your home for optimal protection again light (direct sunlight & UV emitting light sources) and heat.

Avoid storing your photo book or album in places where there it is prone to have contact with moisture or have too much fluctuations in humidity (as it could cause warping of your images as the pages expand and contract or grow mold).

Proper Placement

As much as possible, photo albums should be stored flat instead of upright, as the mounted pages are thicker and heavier than normal paper and will stress the binding if stored incorrectly. 

The best way to view your photo book and album is to support the binding by resting the back cover on a clean and flat surface. Without the proper support, the binding of your photo book or album could be unduly stressed and give way over time.

If dust accumulates due to environmental conditions, feel free to dust lightly on the surface as needed with a soft, dry cloth.

Creating your own keepsake is easy as can be with our 3 step plan

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