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Bachelorette Party Ideas For Every Bride

Ever been in the situation of being stuck when planning a bachelorette or hen party wondering what novel and fun ideas you can incorporate for your friend? If indeed you are in that situation, hopefully this list of party ideas would be helpful in your planning process.

Nowadays, there is a much wider range of activities available for bachelorette parties that it would suit every bride-to-be and their bride tribe.

Look no further, here are some interesting picks we think will make for a truly fun and memorable experience for everyone involved :)

Source: Jason Leung

Dance Classes

Dance away your worries and get a great workout in the process with your choice of dancing style. From the exotic styles of pole dancing, lap dancing to old school hip hop, modern kpop and even formal ballroom dancing.

This will be the best fit for the bride and bridal party who loves to get their groove on! Also it would be perfect for ice breaking if not all the bridesmaids know each other yet.

Zen Activities

Zen hen parties are getting popular for brides who want to unwind and chill amidst their hectic wedding planning. Yoga, pilates and meditation sessions are the perfect way to help them achieve that!

What better way to get everyone in a calm, happy and relaxing mood than these special zen activities.

Source: Mark Zamora

Massage / Spa sessions

Other ways to get the bridal party into a calm and relaxing mood also include the traditional massage & spa sessions. This is a very popular activity in many hen's parties we have attended in Singapore and abroad and for good reason.

There are plenty of massage and spa options in Singapore so you will be spoiled for choices. Some of our favourites include: Yunomori Onsen (unique bonding experience), Natureland (central with great service) and ESPA (we have not been, but the variety of services seem interesting).

Mani / Pedi

This is also another popular bachelorette activity with locals! Since the bride needs to get her wedding nails done up anyways, it will be helpful to have an activity that helps tick something off her to-do list.

Doing up your nails is also a great time for chit-chatting amongst the girls - great for bonding amongst the bridesmaids. If your bride tribe is feeling adventurous, you can also head across the causeway to get your mani / pedi fix, together with a cheap brunch and blowout all at one-third the price.

Source: Kris Atomic


What better way to glam up for the party ahead than to get a blowout? If you girls love a good pampering session at the hair salon, then this is a perfect activity for the group.

The three places that cater for such blowout sessions includes: Blow + Bar, Prep Luxe and the Big Blow.


Love singing? With a little alcohol, lots of munchies to snack on, some props, a mic stand podium, crazy lighting and over thousands of songs all to yourselves, you can sing your hearts out with your very best girl friends through the night.


Staycation-ing with the bridal party is always a great idea. It is the perfect way to relax and have fun without having to worry about ending the activities before a certain time so everyone can get home safe.

Scavenger Hunts

Is the bride fond of solving puzzles and clues? If so, a personalized scavenger hunt around her favorite things or your common history would be a blast! Such an activity will definitely take a lot more time to plan, but we bet she will be incredibly touched by the effort put in.

Yacht Charters

Surprise the bride-to-be with a fun day out at sea. Island hop, do some water sports or simply chill and cruise around to admire the unblocked sunset views together. Just be sure to check if anyone in the bridal party is prone to sea sickness beforehand.

Bar / Club hopping

A classic bachelorette party activity. If the bride is a party girl at heart, don't reinvent the wheel. Dust off your dancing shoes, bring your IC and get ready to party all night at these new nightclubs in Singapore.

Places to hit: Marquee, Nineteen80 and Bang Bang.

Private Parties

Bring the heat with a private strip show for the blushing bride to be. Do make sure she is alright with it before you plan an evening of Magic Mike activities. If all is well, go crazy with a wild performance everyone in the bridal party is sure to remember for a long time.


Is the bride-to-be a gamer? From card games, board games to video games, there are cafes to suit any gaming need she may have. Alternatively, buy some bridal shower themed games and play them over at someone's place.

Source: Simon Ray


Want to get all crafty for the hen's night? Not to fear, there are plenty of workshop options available these days: Soap making, floral bouquet arrangement, leather crafting, terrarium making, fragrance making, art jamming etc. Just google the activity you would like you will likely find many options!

Cooking / Baking Workshops

Masterchef wannabe? A private cooking or baking workshop with your best friends would be a fun way to pick up new culinary skills. From cooking a proper 3 course meal, to decorating a cake, baking some instagrammable macaroons, you can easily find something suitable for the bridal party.

Source: Samuel Kwon

We sure hope this list have been helpful in your bridal party planning!


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