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Lovestills™ Behind the Lenses: Q&A with Love + Water Photography's Talented Husband & Wife Duo

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Lovestills sits down with Hawaii-based professional wedding photographers Shawn & Adam of Love + Water Photography to learn more about their uniquely gorgeous & surreal style of beach, water & drone photography.

Q: We absolutely adore the name Love + Water! What was the inspiration behind the name?

Thank you! We thought it up while visiting my parents, talking about a new business venture to combine our two passions (weddings and water photography) - Love + Water hit us instantly and we never looked back :)

Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Couple in embrace on the beach with the sunrise behind

Q: You have an amazingly unique photography style. Share with us Love + Water's brand of photography.

We like to keep things timeless and colorful and really show off the natural environment. It feels authentic to what we love - we get up early to watch sunrise and try to enjoy sunset when we can either on the beach with our family or in the ocean.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Groom twirling bride along the beach

Q: Having done numerous beach photo shoots, what are some tips you would share with couples looking to do one?

On Maui, the best time to shoot is at sunrise! Beaches are empty, and get very busy at sunset. Conditions are also much calmer in the morning than they are in the afternoon when the trade winds pick up.

For attire, browse our past shoots for inspiration, everything from soft pastels to even bolder colors work really well for both sunrise and sunset! If you're getting in the water make sure your garments don't go see-through when wet, and for the wind it helps not to wear fluttery sleeves as they can be a nuisance, best to stick to something more streamlined.

We often get asked if we reschedule for wind or cloud and we don't for either - Maui is very windy, especially in the afternoon. We recommend working with the wind and not worrying too much as we're used to working with it! And clouds actually make for beautiful images as they filter the light and it becomes softer without needing to squint against the sun.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Couple in embrace underwater in open seas

Q: From your portfolio, it seems like you take underwater photography too! What should a wedding couple looking to try out an underwater photo shoot look out for?

If (you are) looking to do an underwater shoot, keep in mind you don't have to use your wedding gown and many clients purchase very lightweight, short gowns for this purpose. An alternative to actual underwater photography is to splash on the shoreline which can still provide a unique perspective - we recommend this for most people who aren't qualified free divers or experienced ocean swimmers. 

Q: What are some of your crazy-fun experiences when taking underwater photography?

We never get sick of photo bombs from sea turtles!

Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Bride in her light pink gown in the sea

Q: Are there any challenges you face when you take photos out by the beach and open sea?

Conditions are the biggest challenge we face. We need very little wind and swell for optimum clarity, and we need to be out in the open ocean to get the really vibrant blues you see in the deeper ocean portraits.

Q: What do you love about your job?

It gives us unlimited freedom to enjoy our family - that's why we began our own business, to make our own schedule and set aside time for the important things. 

Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Couple in embrace and kissing waist deep in sea waters

Q: Describe your ideal Love + Water couple in three words.

Easygoing, authentic, fun! Q: Share with us a favorite photo you took recently. 

This image of a sea turtle! We were flying a drone during a family portrait session and noticed him swimming very close to shore. It was an awesome way to enjoy that beautiful creature from a respectful distance.

Drone shot of turtle in clear sea waters

Q: What makes a memorable pre-wedding/ wedding portrait?

The experience behind it - a photographer needs to be a real people person because oftentimes the couple remembers the feeling they experienced during their photos just as much as the beautiful sunset behind them.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Groom holding up Bride's Dress walking

Q: Last but not least, what advice would you give to couples to help them to get the best from their wedding photography?

Don't judge on cost - as with anything, you will never regret spending extra money on a talented professional, but the opposite is true. If you find a photographer you love, make good imagery the priority because they will make magic happen.

Pre Wedding Photoshoot: Aerial view of couple walking on the beach with shadows of palm trees

For couples looking for a stunning & surreal style of documenting your prewedding shoot in Maui, do visit Love + Water's website to see more of Shawn & Adam's beautiful work (all images in this article has been kindly provided by Love + Water Photography) or drop them an email at to get to know them better!


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