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Fun ways to include your pets in your wedding celebrations.

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Your big day is coming! And you want to share it with all your friends, family and loved ones - including your fur kids. We have some fun ideas on how your furry loved ones can join in the celebrations from simple and small ways to pretty important roles.

Include them in your engagement or pre wedding shoot

Having a furry companion on a photoshoot always does help to lighten the mood. Do take note to let your photographer know so they can plan ahead for it.

Arm candy (replacement for a bouquet of flowers)

Flowers are expensive right? An adorable kitten or puppy that you love would be a good replacement don't you think? Not to mention the photos will look great too.

As a Cake topper

If the venue is really fur kid unfriendly, this could be a sweet and unique way to make sure everyone remembers that they are part of the fam too!

Part of the bridal party

How adorable is it to have your fur kid participate as part of your bridal entourage? It'll be a great excuse to dress them up for the occasion. Who says dogs can't look good in tuxedos.

Guardians of the Photo booth

With your little fur kids stationed at the photobooth, we bet the queues will go 'round the block. And of course they will be a hit with the kids.

Ring Bearer

One of the most important tasks of the day - the ring bearer. It'll be so meaningful to receive your ring from your dearest fur kid.

Flower Dogs (replacement for flower girls/boys)

The cutest combo would of course to be having a kid walk a flower dog down the aisle. Something like the pictures below!


We sure hope that this list of fun ways to include your pets in your wedding celebrations is helpful for your plans with your wedding photographer, planner and more. If you need some help with other wedding related stuff, check out our other useful articles you might find interesting: Checklist for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, How to Choose Photos for your Wedding Album, and more...

Want to share with us more fun ways to include your pets in your wedding day or even photos to show how you have incorporated some of these ideas? Share them with us here!


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