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Secret Meanings & Stories Behind These Gorgeous Bespoke Bridal Bouquets

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Still looking out for inspirations for your ideal bridal bouquet? Our list of gorgeous bespoke bridal blooms with interesting meanings & stories that went into creating them might be a useful resource for inspiration!

Besides sharing about their own creations, these amazing local florists also share some of their professional tips on how you might decide on your dream bouquet! Hopefully these will provide more inspiration for your on-going search for your dream bouquet.

Liz Florals | A Bouquet-full of Symbolism

Photo by: Desmond Sean Teo

"For Jodine's bouquet, I kept certain flower meanings at the back of my mind when making it - although that's not always the case because other factors come to play such as textures, colors, shape, depth when creating bouquets.

I chose matthiolas because they symbolize being contented with what one has at present, and a long life of happiness - which is what I wish for the couple. It is also a way to symbolize beauty that never fades.

I added in 2 different types of eucalyptus for the rustic effect that Jodine likes, and paired them with silver leaves for a velvet romantic feel that reminded me of her preference of novels over movies. They also symbolize happiness, and are called snow-in-summer.

Limonium or caspia symbolize remembrance. To me, I hope it reminds Jodine the importance of remembering who she is even as she takes on new roles as a Wife and Daughter-in-law. Green eryngiums were chosen because they’re like stars and give some texture to the bouquet. The shape also reminds me of the sun, and nature - which is something she likes.

Additionally, here are some helpful tips to create your dream bouquet:

  • If you have your ideal bouquet design in mind, share it with your florist!

  • Indicate your preferred colour palette or wedding theme (if any)

  • Understand that your florist will not be able to create the exact same bouquet, but would love to create a personalized one for you

  • Trust your florist!"

With Every | An Unconventional Bouquet

"It was clear from early conversations with our bride V that she was no conventional bride. From the jewel tone color palette to the variety of flowers picked, everything was truly one of a kind. This bouquet has an edgier texture than what most brides are used to, consisting of juicy succulents, clean lined calla lilies, seeded fetterbush, and spikey eryngium, astrantia and gromprehnas, soften slightly by the accompanying green hydrangea, astilbes and scabiosas. The addition of a couple of peach roses ever so lightly brightens the bouquet and adds an interesting pop of color, giving a refreshing twist among the deep toned colors.

In planning the wedding flora, we draw inspiration mainly from our conversations with the couple, sensing their personalities, likes and dislikes, and keeping to their overall brief and wedding theme. V stressed that she prefers wildflowers and even weeds to the typical full petal type flowers. Knowing that V’s dress will be a simple tulle dress, and that she’ll be wearing sneaks instead of heels, it was telling that she was definitely not a girly-girl. Taking all these into account when conceptualizing the bouquet, we knew we could play up the textures to contrast against the dress, and to showcase her quirky and distinctive personality.

Our biggest tip for brides when conceptualizing their dream bouquet would be to do their research online on the different bouquet styles and color palette out there, but at the same time be open to changing up the colors and flowers as needed. To be adventurous when it comes to using lesser known flowers. While Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, the variety of flowers we get locally doesn’t always match up with those from US or Europe. In order to create a bouquet that’s uniquely yours, always talk to your florist to discover alternative flowers you might never have heard of before or can never imagine how it’ll look in a bouquet and watch them work their magic!"

Eufloria | A Groom Inspired Bouquet

“Pineapple flowers!” said the groom. He had associated Eryngium (commonly known as Blue Thistle) with pineapples. We usually get brides deciding on more girly parts of the wedding but this time was an exception. Besides the bride and her personality, this bunch was definitely inspired by the groom. I’d chosen Protea as the focal flower, complemented with a mixture of soft and harsh blooms that includes Leucadendron, Eryngium, Lisanthus, Rose Spray etc. To finish off with a wild touch that they had opted

for, a mixture of foliage including seeded eucalyptus were used.

Here are some helpful tips for brides still searching for their dream bouquet:

Be Open. Shortlist and connect to a few florists from wedding portals. Be comfortable in sharing your thoughts and ultimately, pick someone who shares good dynamics with you. The more your florist knows your story, the better. Your florist should be able to bring out your personality through his/her creation!

Be flexible to suggestions. You envision your dream bouquet to that of Pinterest boards’ but often constrained by budget. Truth is, some flowers are usually native in western parts of the world and importing them would cost an arm and a leg. One single biggest worry of any florist is that they may not get the exact flowers (no matter how long the planning took), we can’t defy nature, unfortunately. Who knows your florist might find you the next best alternative that you end up liking more!

Proportion and fit. It is important for florists to consider the gown you are donning, the location and style of your wedding shoot. If your gown focuses on a detailed neckline, you may want to consider a more understated bouquet. It’s all about the balance.

Respect and Trust. Do not ask a florist to copy another vendor’s work. Once you have decided on your florist, trust them on their interpretation.

Lastly, I take this chance to encourage brides-to-be to consider the hours your florist spent researching

and deciding on your dream bouquet, the travels made to handpick flowers from the nursery,

conditioning the flowers and finally carefully selecting the choice of ribbons. Be kind to him/her :) "

Eufloria | Instagram | Facebook

Blanc Studios | A Gatsby Inspired Bouquet

Photo by: Androidsinboots

"When the lovely Cheryl first met us and told us her theme was going to be a little bit Gatsby, and that she wanted Phalaenopsis orchids, we suggested having gold palms to keep things dramatic and glitzy, without having to resort to the ubiquitous Gatsby feathers in her bouquet!

In her bouquet features the Phalaenopsis Orchid, which symbolizes purity, elegance and beauty, and gold sprayed foliage to add to the glitz of the Great Gatsby.

Here at Blanc Studios, we are committed to the belief that your wedding it's your party, and an opportunity for you to be surrounded by the people closest to you. Share your dream vision of your wedding with your wedding florist, and allow us to bring about your vision into reality; creating lasting memories you and your loved ones can treasure."

Flo.Recitals | Our First Wedding Bouquet

"It is always a dream to have customers who know what they want, yet also give you flexibility and space to create something beautiful. I had that with one of Flo.Recitals’ very first wedding bouquets.

The bride was really sweet during our chat so I felt drawn to reflect that in her bouquet. Her only requirements were that the bouquet feature baby blue and pastels, so I designed the bouquet to match her fun-loving and sweet nature, rather than with specific flower types in mind.

It was definitely a challenge, going in with just a mood and feel, but flowers always deliver: while at the supplier, I found the hydrangeas and immediately selected them as they came in a perfect shade. The pink Astilbes were a last-minute addition too – I was captured by their soft texture and unique shape that gently lifts up the bouquet and add much character. In fact, I found myself using Astilbes frequently in subsequent wedding set-ups for this reason!

To this day, I’ve found that creating the bouquet to match the bride’s personality is still the very ethos of the team at Flo.Recitals. As a result, it’s pushed us to work with a variety of different flowers in a short span of time – even luxurious Juliet roses! – which I’m really thankful for.

Since the very first, I’ve never made two bouquets that are the same, and that makes me realize just how personalized a wedding bouquet can be, and most importantly, why it should be so. If you’re unsure about how flowers work, having a consultation with a florist will help to anchor that direction."

Lavender Love Florist | Spring Flowers Galore

"The bride was looking for a bouquet with a natural spring look, incorporating her favorite flower - Anemone. It was really fortunate that the wedding happened in March and hence there were plenty of spring flowers available for me to work with for the bouquet.

With the availability of a huge variety of flowers and flexibility to create a dream bouquet centered around Anemones, I ended up using complementary special spring flowers such as Latte garden rose, Spirea and Jasmine vines for her dream bouquet.

In most cases, the brides would share if they have any particular preferences for certain flowers and I am happy to work around that as in the case above. Otherwise, I would usually choose flowers based on the color theme or look that the bride wants to achieve.

Pinterest is a good place where brides can find lot's of samples and mood-board to share with florists. I prefer to work with the best matched seasonal flowers based on a color theme. I would guide the bride on selecting her choice of the main flowers such as David Austin rose, Peonies, Quicksand rose, etc, and follow up with picking complementary seasonal fillers from the flower market. Such a process ensures that every bridal bouquet I create will be unique to each special bride."

SkinnyBlooms | A Florist's Bouquet

Photo by: Kompactfaen

" My favorite creation to date would be the bouquet I had created for my own wedding in May ! My bridal bouquet included blush David Austin roses, Red Kenya roses, deep maroon + champagne pink ranunculus, Holland carnations, astibilles and free flow foliage. The greens that I chose were Italian ruscus and eucalyptus because they have really beautiful form and I personally love the refreshing scent of the eucalyptus. I added some Dusty Millers to add some texture in the bouquet as I love their velvet like texture! When I was deciding the color palette for my florals, I decided to go for blush hues with a hint of deep maroons as those were my favorite colors. In regards to the florals chosen, I only decided when I was at the nursery as I enjoy picking from the fresh floral shipment on that particular day. 

In addition to my bouquet, I deeply enjoyed the process of creating my bridesmaids bouquets too ! I knew I definitely wanted bigger bouquets for them rather than posies to make a floral statement and compliment their deep burgundy gowns. I kept in consideration that their florals would be their main accessory hence, a bigger bouquet was created for each of my lovely ladies. The style of their bouquets were similar to mine, with the same color palette just probably more greens and blush since they were already in maroon gowns! 

One advice I would give brides if they have no clue on what bouquet styles they would want on their big day would be to just research on Pinterest! There’s a wide variety to select from and it’s easier to show your favorite reference pictures to your florist so she/he has an idea to what you have in mind. I think it’s most important to have a bouquet that best describes you (perhaps to include your favorite colors/florals) and compliments your gown and wedding theme. It’s also important to factor in the design of your wedding gown to ensure that the bouquet compliments it instead of stealing focus from the gown. I think what’s most important is for the bouquet to have some flow and movement so it does not look too stiff. "

Feeling inspired by the stories and even secret symbolism behind these bespoke bouquets? Go beyond what meets the eye when planning your own bridal bouquet and have a wonderful story to tell :)

All images credited to our respective talented contributing florists!

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