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Lovestills™ Behind the Scenes: A Q&A with Crummb's Bespoke Wedding Cake Artist

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Lovestills sits down with Paulin, maker of contemporary wedding cakes - Crummb, to learn more about what inspires the minimalist aesthetic for her head turning creations - which really look more like they belong in an art gallery.

Peach & Grey 3 Tier Wedding Cake with Flowers and Artistic Design

Q: Hi Paulin! Can you start by sharing a little about yourself?

Hello! I was a newspaper journalist of 15 years before I made a drastic career change to be a cake artist. I started out making cakes from my kids' bedroom, specializing in wedding cakes with modern, clean designs. Within two years, I had enough orders to consider opening a legit business. So I took the plunge and gave my kids back their bedroom.

Q: What inspired you to become a cake artist?

I've always loved baking, and when I was getting married 12 years ago, I couldn't find a baker who could make me a modern, stylish cake that I saw in foreign magazines. I knew there was a hole to be plugged in this market, so when I thought about quitting journalism, this was what I knew I should do.

3 Tier White Wedding Cake with a Splash of Gold and white flowers

Q: How would you describe your cake design aesthetic in 10 words or less?

Clean, unfussy and beautiful.

Q: We see you have created many amazing cake creations over the years. Which are some of your personal favorites?

I'm very proud of a few pieces I've created recently that were inspired by architecture. It may have something to do with the fact that I regret not studying architecture in university! But it's ok, my love for it still has an outlet through cake.

White & Pink Wedding Cake with Architecture Design Influence

Q: Having created so many gorgeous cakes, all one of a kind creations, how do you seek inspiration for your new creations?

I do worry sometimes that I may one day run out of ideas! But I think as long as I keep updating my visual vocabulary - by looking at my design feeds on social media - I will always have new things to explore.

Q: Walk us through a typical day in the life of a cake artist at Crummb.

I don't have a typical day, but a typical week goes like this:

Monday is my day off. Tuesdays I make sugarflowers. Wednesdays I bake the cake layers. Thursdays I fill and ganache the cakes as preparation for fondant. Fridays I cover the cakes with fondant and put on the decorations. Saturdays and Sundays I deliver.

Consultations are by appointment so clients will have to email me to book a time when they can pop by my studio. I'm usually free to meet on weekdays 10am-2pm and most Saturdays. But if the client is short on time, we can run through all the details on email and WhatsApp.

Minimalist White 3 Tier Wedding Cake with Sugar Flowers at the Top

Q: What are some of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of your job?

It's challenging to make a product that isn't perceived as absolutely essential in most Singapore weddings. Because fondant cakes aren't traditionally part of Asian celebrations, it is the first thing to be struck off the list if the couple has a tight budget. But this is changing, and the fact that I have a viable little business means that more and more people value having an exceptionally made cake at their wedding.

While it's true to say that it's rewarding when clients tell me they love their cake, I would confess that the biggest thrill is when I'm done assembling the cake and I'm proud of it.

Q: If you could only choose one cake flavor pairing to have for the rest of your life which would it be? Yuzu cake with lemon zest buttercream.

3 Tier Wedding Cake with White and Gold Marble Design

Q: How far ahead should a couple typically plan their customized wedding cake with you?

I'd recommend they get in touch at least 3 months before the wedding. This will allow time for us to play around with ideas and create their dream cake. Even so, I can make only 3 cakes per weekend so it's come first served. So it's better to contact me as soon as they can.

Q: Last but not least, any tips or wisdom to impart to future brides & grooms looking for their dream wedding cake?

There are several cake artists out there and each has her own style. Choose the one whose style speaks most to you, then give her free rein over your cake. She will likely do something special for you because it's as much her cake as it is yours.

Structured 3 Tier Pink Wedding Cake with Large Flower on top

For brides looking for a stunning yet delectable wedding cake for your big day, do visit Crummb's website to see more of Paulin's beautiful work (all images in this article has been kindly provided by Crummb) or drop them an email at to get to know her better!


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