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8 Simple Pre-wedding Photoshoot Props that Create Stunning Effects!

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Want to bring a little unique touch to your upcoming pre-wedding shoot, but don’t want to fuss too much over bringing too many props and barang barang with you? Here are a few simple easy to procure items, that can help create stunning effects in your pre-wedding photos. Just look at how some other couples have already used it in their photoshoots.


Having a night time shoot? Maybe consider using sparklers in your photography for a stunning effect like this. Imagine an image like this projected on the large screen during your wedding, in your photo album or even a canvas hanging above your bed.

Wedding Photoshoot Props: Sparkler drawn into a heart with the couple in the middle


Super simple, easy to buy (try Ikea, Artfriend or even Daiso for a large variety of frames) yet beautiful effect.

Wedding Photoshoot Props: Photo frame in sand, with couple in the backdrop


Our favourite photography prop of all time. Easy to purchase (we got ours from Mini Toons) and can be used in so many different ways depending on the type of balloons, colors you use etc. Choose pastel colors for a dreamy backdrop effect like this, or go with bright colors that give that amazing contrast on screen and on paper.

Wedding Photoshoot Props: Couple in embrace surrounded by white balloons


Confetti has its pros and cons. It gives amazing effects as such, but it’s quite the hassle to clean it up especially if it's in an outdoor setting (do not litter!). Sometimes the effect is worth the clean up effort though - just try to get the shot in as few tries as possible.

Wedding Photoshoot Props: Couple in embrace kissing in a field with confetti flying around


If you aim to create a dream-like atmosphere or backdrop with minimal hassle and set up, bubbles definitely would be your go to prop. Cheaply available at most party stores with minimal set up or clean up, bubbles are definitely a winner for awesome props in our books.

Wedding Photoshoot Props: Couple dancing in a field with bubbles surrounding them

Colored Powder

Looking to inject some fun into your casual pre-wedding shoot (we don’t recommend this for formal shoots as the dresses might get stained)? Here’s a way to have some crazy fun with your partner during a shoot and have amazing photos out of it.

Wedding Photoshoot Props: Couple holding hands in air with burst of colored powder


Open to trying something unique and different? Masks are a great way of showcasing another side of your personality without going too crazy. This is also a plus point for camera shy couples who might want to take a break from facing the camera the whole time.

Wedding Photoshoot Props: Couples in fox masks in the middle of nowhere with burst of orange colored powder

Dream Catcher

Last but not least, a symbolic prop that also looks amazing as a backdrop or simple prop in hand. May only good dreams come your way as a couple together.

Wedding Photoshoot Props: Couple in embrace with a macrame dream catcher backdrop in the woods

Share photos of the props you used in your pre wedding shoots and get featured in our posts. Submit the photos here!


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