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Lovestills™ Behind the Lenses: Q&A with Romantic Greek Photographer Georgios Elianos

Lovestills sits down with professional wedding photographer Georgios Elianos to learn his motivation behind creating amazing wedding work over the past 8 years. As an experienced photographer in Santorini, he also shares super helpful tips for couples looking to take their pre-wedding shoots in Greece's version of paradise.

Q: Tell us a little more about yourself?

I was born in Thessaloniki, capital of north Greece. A very old city near by the sea with lot of history and culture. As far as I remember my self, I was observing the world around me, spaces, people, light. It was a natural path to choose photography.  I never thought would become a professional at that time as I was interested in music too. At the end, I chose photography. It was a calling for me.

I start taking photos in my 20's. My big brother already had a film camera so I started using it. I felt that I had a tool to communicate in my own way. From that moment the camera never left my side and I decide to make a living as a photographer. Before that, I was working with my father in construction. I knew that it was matter of time to stop that job and follow what I really loved to do. Since then, I have shot professionally for 10 years, 8 of which as a wedding photographer.

Q: What inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

The most important thing that inspired me to be a wedding photographer is the need to capture feelings and emotions of people who love each other. In comparison to other types of photography, such as fashion, product, commercial photography, in wedding photography it's all about love and emotions which is very important to me. 

It is a privilege and honor to be able to capture unique moments of people who love each other and if I can make people happy when they see their photos then my goal is accomplished.

Q: Share with us about your personal brand of photography.

I don’t think about styles a lot. But if I have to put it down to words definitely documentary and natural as well as romantic and cinematic.

Q: What do you love most about your job?


Meeting new people from all over the world and photographing them. As simple as that :)

Q: If you could only choose one camera to shoot with for the rest of your life, which would it be?

I would choose a film camera. I love film, an organic material that captures the light so beautifully.

Q: From your portfolio, it seems like there are many couples who fly all the way to Santorini for their pre-wedding or engagement shoot. What do you think is so attractive about Santorini as a destination shoot location?

Santorini has a unique combination of landscapes with different elements from mother nature ( volcano, cliffs, hills, beaches, deep blue skies,variety of colors) and unique architecture. It’s a romantic place, the perfect location for couples in love.

Q: As a photographer familiar with the hotspots in Santorini, what are some of your favorite spots to shoot in Santorini?

I have so many! Some of my favorites spots are: Skaros Rock, Byzantine Castle Ruins, Paradisos, Red Beach, Vlychada Beach, Agios Nikolaos, Pyrgos Kallistis, Cape Columbo, Kamari Beach, Ancient Thira, Fira and a few more that I reveal only to the couples :)

Q: What are some tips you would give couples who are interested in heading over to Santorini for their shoot?

Choose to have your photoshoot on weekdays it’s less crowded than weekend and would be more easy and relaxed for you and for your photographer too.

Bring sports shoes along with your shoes you’ll be wearing during the shoot. Santorini terrain is rough so get prepared to protect you from injuries while walking. Put on sunblock especially from May to September. The weather is warm and sun very hot especially June to August you can get easily sunburnt and you don’t want that for your health or for the photos!

Rent a car so you can see all the amazing places in the island and get around for the photoshoot easily. Santorini has many places to explore. Make sure you book a small car. Road in Santorini are very narrow and you need a smaller car to be able to drive comfortable in the streets. If you don’t want to rent a car there are buses that cover most of the island’s locations. You can get a taxi too but keep in mind that taxis are few and in the peak season it would be very difficult to find one.

Q: Share with us one of your favorite photo captured recently and the story behind it?

It would have to be a recent engagement shoot I took in London. While I was shooting a couple in a great spot in St Paul's Cathedral a pigeon flying in front of the couple and landing close to me. I managed to take a picture before landing. 

I was very happy when I saw the photo.  It was a nice combination of natural pose, beautiful scenery on background and a decisive moment of the pigeon trying to land in front of the couple, an interesting form with content in my opinion.

Q: Last but not least, what advice would you give to couples to help them get the best from their wedding photography?

The best advice for the couples is to relaxed and enjoy the shooting. A good photographer knows how to make the couple feel comfortable how to guide them and take the best pictures depending each their personality and mood. Spent enough time to find the best photographer for you by looking many photographer's work and finding one that suits what you are looking for. 

For couples looking for a romantic & natural style of documenting your prewedding shoot or your destination wedding in Santorini or the UK, do visit Elianos Photography's website to see more of his beautiful work (all images in this article has been kindly provided by Elianos Photography) or drop them an email at to get to know them better!


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