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Heart-Warming Baby Milestones You Want To Capture For Memories

The first few years of your little one's life is filled with plenty of heart-warming moments and baby milestones you want to record for posterity.

And as parents, we understand the desire to capture and celebrate these significant moments! Having created plenty of baby keepsake books for parents like you, we know the milestones that matter by heart now. #Milestonesthatmatter

So here's a simple checklist for first parents who are keen to get those precious shots all documented for your little one to #throwback to!


The miracle of birth is one of the most special moments you definitely want to capture if you can. After all, it is the first moment that your little one is welcomed into a whole new world.

P.S We even have parents who documented their entire birthing process, from preparations at home, to the actual birth itself! What a wonderful story to share with their children years down the road.

Heading Home For The First Time:

Soon after the first milestone, you can anticipate another precious moment as you bring your bundle of joy home. Whether it is your parents or extended family welcoming the little one, or their elder sibling being introduced to their younger sister or brother for the first time ever, you are sure to capture plenty of amazing memories here.

Newborn Photoshoot:

While they are still cute and sleepy, a newborn photoshoot is perfect to immortalize their adorable-ness. Note that most newborn photographers recommend to schedule for the shoot before they are 10 days old!

Read our more detailed article "Newborn Baby Photography Inspirations & Tips For First-time Parents" for more important tips to take note of!

Precious Kisses, Waves and Laughter:

It is at that adorable age where every kiss, waving and clapping with their chubby little hands, and unbridled laughter is so very cherished. Make sure you take every opportunity you can to snap those natural and genuine smiles as a reminder to your little one to always be so carefree as they grow up.

Bath Time:

Is it just us or do babies look adorable when they are getting a bath? They look so comfortable and contented just soaking up the suds that we wish we were them. Picture perfect moments every time!

Tummy Time:

A sign of your little one growing stronger with each new day! And who else agrees that they look so cute when waddling around on their round tummies?

First Outing:

Their first time leaving home and venturing into the new world! Wherever it is you are headed, it is a huge milestone to be remembered! Whether it is a visit to Grandma, trip to the doctor's or a nature walk around the park, it's the perfect time for a photo-op!

Crawling, Sitting Up or Walking:

These are all huge developmental milestones you want to make sure you are there for! And it's something so precious that needs to be shared with them when they grow up - so make sure you grab your camera/phone and start getting those important shots. It is truly a trip down memory lane to see how far they have come from just a mere baby!

First Play Mate / Toy:

We all had our very own favorite friend or toy when we were growing up. Mine was a plush toy called Mr. Caterpillar according to my baby photos where he was in almost every single one of them. What about your kids?

Baby Teeth:

Hurray! Teeth means your little one is almost ready for solid food - and soon to join you at the dinner table (okay maybe that's too premature but you get what we mean.) They look so cute with those single tooth it is hard to not get a picture of their toothy grin!

First Taste of [Insert New Food]:

Do you remember the first time you had a fruit? That glorious sweet, sour and juicy sensation that you have never felt before? Well, it is a first time for our little ones who have been on a pretty flavorless diet of milk since birth. So this is a momentous milestone to record for sure! Bonus: With some types of food you can expect to get some hilarious expressions - E.g. lemon, strawberries etc.

Birthday Celebration:

Whether you are having a small intimate celebration at home or throwing a large party with friends and family, it is most definitely an event to commemorate with lots of photos!

P.S We have parents creating birthday books for their little ones for their every birthday party! We can only imagine what a wonderful experience it will be for the kids when they grow up and have so many memories to relive and look back on!

First Day of School:

Before you know it, it is time for school. Putting them into their uniforms, carrying their teeny tiny school bags and sending them to school is such a experience you want to make sure you capture all of that for the very first time!

Have more important milestones that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading through our simple checklist of the significant milestones in your little ones' first few years!

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We are looking forward to creating a one of a kind keepsake for you!


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