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Newborn Baby Photography Inspirations & Tips For First-time Parents

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Are you a first time parent looking forward to capturing those precious baby moments & memories of your newborn but not so sure how to go about it? To help get you started, we have consolidated popular newborn baby photography inspirations and tips for you.

When is the best time?

It really depends on which moments you would love to capture and immortalize. If you love those adorable posed newborn photos where the babies are all wrapped up snug and tight or positioned in cute fetal positions, it is typically recommended to do so before they are 10 days old - reason being as their bones start to get stronger, it gets harder to position them into those cute squishy positions plus they are naturally in that sleepy state which makes for great photos.

If you have no such preference as above, then basically any time is a good time! For a more awake baby look, maybe wait until they are more than 6 weeks old.

The different styles

There are two common styles of newborn baby photography - the posed and staged style and the lifestyle and more casual style.

The posed newborn sessions typically take longer from 2 - 4 hours, as it requires the baby to be in deep sleep in order to pose the baby. This style will require the photographer, assistants and parents being more hands-on in helping to pose the baby in the various poses, settings and props.

The lifestyle newborn sessions typically take a shorter time from 1 hour. It doesn't require the baby to be asleep nor be below the age of 10 days. In fact many parents who go for this style prefer if the baby is wide awake and interacting with them. Such a shoot requires a lot less styling and props and is usually done in the family's home, involves lots of interactions with parents (and siblings).

Other tips to consider ahead of your session

  • Prepare the outfit for your baby ahead (and prepare a back up as well - in case it accidentally gets soiled during a feed)

  • Bring along props that mean something to you, if not you can also can check with your photographer if they might have any props to your liking.

  • If shooting indoors, try to ensure the temperature is warm and comfortable for the baby (since they might be without clothes for parts of the shoot)

  • Keep them awake 1-2 hours before the shoot, so they are suitably tired during the shoot.

  • Play some white noise to help relax and calm the baby down and encourage them to sleep soundly.

  • Feed the baby just before the session begins. Some photographers believe that babies who are full, sleep more soundly and are generally happier. Check with your photographer to make sure.

  • Safety is most important. Always make sure someone is right beside spotting the baby. Make sure all the props are washed before each use.

Source: Kelly Sikkema

For more inspirations on poses, props and more for your newborn shoot, head over to our Pinterest board.

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