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Different Types of Wedding Photography Styles Explained Simply

"Recommend me a great wedding photographer!"

This is one of the toughest asks from friends and clients - simply because everyone has their own preferred needs and style and a great wedding photographer that your best friend recommends may not necessarily work out for you if they don't shoot a particular style that you like.

Every photographer has their unique style, so you just need to figure out which style works best for you. With this short blog post, we aim to break down for you the different types of wedding photography styles to help you determine just that.


Also known as traditional wedding photography.

This particular wedding photography style focuses more on posed, formal looks where the couple is captured typically in their glamorous gowns and suits, involving more guided intervention from the photographer as well as time and effort on setting up the poses. People tend to shun the style when they hear the words traditional, but there is definitely beauty in updated modern formal portraiture too - at least in our opinion and from what we've seen from a good number of our client's photoshoots.

Likely outcomes: Beautiful formal portraiture, stunning captures of you and your partner in your best looks, well positioned family and group shots.


Also know as photo-journalistic (or simply journalistic) or documentary wedding photography.

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The idea of photojournalism is to capture moments unobtrusively. This style of wedding photography is most suitable for couples looking to have their big day documented in the most natural approach, with little intervention from the photographer.

Likely outcomes: Small moments of raw and revealing emotions captured, realistic representation of your big day, not too much posed shots


Source: Pinterest

This style is all about the backdrops (it could be a beautiful landscape, architecture and more), lighting and detailed styling - and usually significant post processing. Back-lighting is typically key - so that strong and interesting silhouettes and shadows can interplay.

Likely outcomes: Epic images that look incredibly intense, interesting and not so traditional wedding portraiture.


Also known as fashion or contemporary wedding photography.

If you want to feel and look like a high fashion model for the day, this is definitely the style you'll love. Inspired by editorial fashion photography, this style of photography allows the photographer to shoot creatively (a.k.a unusual backdrops or angles). There is an element of setting up for the shots, but it will be less formal than the Classic style of photography.

Likely outcomes: High impact and visually interesting images, beautiful portraits that do not look out of place in a high fashion magazine.


Also known as artistic wedding photography.

Nothing from the above categories appeals to you? Perhaps you want to include your own creative slant on your wedding photography. In creating albums for our couples, we have come across some incredibly creative photography that we wouldn't be able to categorize under any of the other categories too. This typically includes unique locations, experimentation with unique lighting, shadows, poses and even attire.

Likely outcomes: Art and something that is uniquely you.

Selecting a Photographer for your Preferred Photography Style

While most photographers are not limited to any one style, most of them tend to capture one or two styles better than the rest.

A great way to decide if a photographer can accomplish your preferred photography style would be to have a look through his/her photography portfolio, share reference pictures with them and most importantly have a chat about your expectations.

We sure hope this list have been helpful in your decision making process! For more tips to prepare for your upcoming pre wedding photoshoot or wedding day check out our following articles: "How to Prepare for Your Perfect Pre Wedding Shoot - The Ultimate Checklist" , "10 Romantic Couple Pose Inspirations for Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot" and many more.


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