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Lovestills™ Behind the Lenses: A Q&A with Night Pre-Wedding Photography Specialists’ Knotties Frame

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Lovestills sits down with professional couple & wedding photographer duo, Wan Jing & Zack of Knotties Frame to learn more about their unique brand of night photography for pre-wedding shoots.

How did you get into wedding photography?

Well, I started out photography as a hobby, doing mainly landscape & nature photography. The pivotal point that switched me into a wedding photographer came when a friend's sister engaged me as her pre-wedding photographer. Apart from the usual daylight images, we captured some night shots as well. That session opened a whole new level of opportunities and we started to explore wedding and night photography. Three years on from the time we first worked on that pre-wedding assignment, I've been capturing intimate moments for numerous couples; with Zack assisting in night shoots and being the official light painter, and the passion is still running strong!

Night Wedding Photography: Couple surrounded by fairy lights around a picnic set up

We always believe in producing unique and creative works for our couples. This is also the reason we decided to venture into night photography, making it an exclusive and specialized service. In contrast to day photography, night photography involves the use of much more lighting equipment which gives us plenty of room to play on light, setting different ambience & tone. We get really excited over styled setups as well, putting up various props to build a romantic setting for our couples.

We especially love to shoot during twilight (a.k.a. the blue hour), and incorporating our signature light painting work - a technique in which a light source is "painted" through a long exposure shot. Many of our works are only made possible through endless hours of practice. We also pride ourselves on capturing any photo effects (e.g. light painting/ bokeh/ etc) only through the lens (i.e. effects are not artificially created through Photoshop). It's especially heartening when couples come to us for our night photography, appreciating what we do and going head over heels when they see the end result. That definitely keeps us motivated to craft only the best for our couples.

Night Wedding Photography: Couple backfacing each other with purple light surrounding them

Are there any things couples who are interested in doing a night prewedding photoshoot need to take note of?

Night photography proceeds just like the usual day photography. Something interesting to take note would be for the couples to wear an outfit that is light in color to avoid blending into the dark background. 

Share with us a memorable story that happened on one of your night shoots?

We recall a session in which we did a picnic setting for a couple during the nightfall. The pair were avid singers and they brought along their mic and headphone sets. Their friends were also present to provide a helping hand for the shoot. What was meant to be a photo shoot turned out to be a fun-filled karaoke session in the wild nature as their friends tuned up songs from their mobile phones while the couple started singing away! That was definitely one of the more memorable and fun session we had covered for! 

Night Wedding Photography: Couple holding sparklers and smiling

What do you think makes a memorable wedding photo?

I put a lot of emphasis on keeping the photos as natural as possible. And I encourage my couples to treat the photo shoot session as a regular date out. An enjoyable and relaxed session would make it a memorable one! 

Night Wedding Photography: Couple standing under a lamp post in the rain holding umbrella

Summarize your photography style in three words.

Candid, fun, unique.

Last but not least, what advice would you give to couples to help them to get the best from their wedding photography?

Stay happy and worry-free! With a good mood, the shoot will be a breeze and the wedding photos will turn out naturally beautiful. 

Night Wedding Photography: Couple sitting on hammock in a kiss with fairy lights and bokeh around them

For couples looking for a special twist on your upcoming pre-wedding shoots, visit Knotties Frame's website to see more of their unique night pre-wedding photography (all images in this article has been kindly provided by Knotties Frame) or drop them an email at to say hello!


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