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Anniversary Gift Ideas: Thoughtful Presents & Meaningful Activities

Looking to sweep your significant other off their feet with a meaningful anniversary gift this year? Look no further, we've compiled a list of thoughtful yet romantic presents (and activities) you can consider.

The importance behind celebrating a significant milestone like a wedding anniversary cannot be understated! It is the perfect time once a year for couples to reflect, reminisce and rejoice their time spent together and memories created in the past year!

Our list of anniversary gift ideas have been curated to help you (and your partner) do exactly that - presents that invoke reflection, and celebration of your memories together.

Anniversary Gift Ideas - Presents That Have Special Meaning

Specially Commissioned Wedding Artwork

Customized gifts that cannot be bought off the shelves always always makes the receiver feel all that more special - knowing that extra effort went into the creation of the present.

One meaningful anniversary gift idea for newlyweds could be specially commissioned wedding artwork. Not only does it #throwback to your happiest day together, it also would double up as a meaningful display in your new home. Win-win!

Whether you create the artwork yourself, hire a talented artist or even use our custom home artwork services - you'll be sure that your partner will appreciate the thought and effort behind the gift!

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A Traditional Love Letter

How long has it been since you've put your feelings for your partner into words on paper? Probably quite some time ago right?

Well, a wedding anniversary is the perfect time for you to take the time to do so! Be a romantic and spill your heart on ink and paper - there is just something so visceral and powerful about being vulnerable about your thoughts and emotions like that.

In this digital age where communications have been abbreviated to brief texts and emoticons, a traditional love letter is a permanent reminder of your love in this very moment. Trust us, your partner will be pleasantly surprised by this deliberate effort and memorable act of love.

Heirloom Wedding Album

If you have yet to sort through your photos from your big day and put them together in a photo album, it is the perfect choice as an anniversary present! This we know for fact because we've created quite a few albums specially as anniversary presents to rave reviews! :D

Why is an heirloom wedding album a perfect anniversary gift? It shows you value the memories from the big day enough that you want to put them into a tangible photo keepsake that will allow you to treasure them time and again! When your partner receives the gift, it is also a great opportunity for both of you to take a happy trip down memory lane and reminisce the wonderful moments from the big day.

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Framed Wedding Vows

What better time to reaffirm the vows and promises you made to each other on your wedding day? It's a meaningful gift that reminds both of you of your commitment to one another.

Already married for years? All the more this would make a special gift! Many people would find it hard to remember the exact vows they made years ago - if you do, it will be a wonderful surprise for your significant other.

Alternatively, it could be a perfect time to renew your vows - now taking into consideration the true reality of married life. Check out our fun inspirations for realistic wedding vows for this exercise!

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Anniversary Gift Ideas - Activities That Relive Special Memories

Looking for a more experiential gift? Not a problem, we have activities that we have personally tried out and enjoyed over our anniversaries over the years too!

Record a Duet

Do you have a special song with your significant other? Do both of you enjoy singing? If so, this could be an interesting anniversary activity for both of you to try out!

From picking your favorite song together, practicing over the weekends to heading into the professional studio to record - all while creating a new "first" together - it would make for a memorable anniversary activity!

We tried it out for one of our anniversaries at a local recording studio at the Esplanade - Sing A Song - and had a blast for about an hour or so. For our effort, we got a professionally edited recording of our duet that lives on our Spotify playlist - that we jam to while on the road. <3

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Well, as the name suggests, a perfect anniversary activity would be to quite literally take a trip down memory lane! How so?

Curate a day out visiting locations that mean something special to you and your partner. Did you meet in school? Then perhaps it would be fun to head back to school and revisit those special study corners or meeting spots. Or perhaps the very first place you went on a date together? It would be fun to relive some of those memories again - with much nostalgia.

Whipping Up a Meal Together

Instead of heading out for an expensive dinner, why not try to impress your partner with your cooking? Or better yet, make it a team effort!

Come up with a theme for the occasion - plan, prepare and cook together! It is the perfect excuse to spend the whole day by his / her side and enjoy some quality time together!

What Will You Do For Your Anniversary This Year?

Did you manage to get inspiration from our list of ideas?

What will you do this year for your anniversary that is different from the last? Let us know in the comments below! We cannot wait to add more meaningful and thoughtful ideas to the list!


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