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Realistic Wedding Vows To Inspire You

Wedding vows are a critically important part of every wedding ceremony - and even more so, the start of a committed married life together. Many traditional romantic wedding vows paint a beautiful and idealistic version of marriage that many will find it hard to live up to - so here's an alternative - realistic wedding vows.

Modern brides and grooms alike, are choosing to incorporate more attainable and meaningful vows for their own unique love. Looking to do the same for yours?

Here are some beautiful, yet perfectly practical and realistic wedding vows from couples you can seek inspiration from - and for some, have a good laugh at. Who said realistic vows cannot be heartfelt or humorous?

"I vow to always try at least one bite of your cooking - No matter what it tastes like"

"Now that we’ve gotten skinny for this wedding, let’s grow old and fat together."

"I promise not to lose my shit when you ask me how to turn on the

washing machine for the hundredth time"

"I promise to let you watch your football matches in peace once a week."

"I promise to call and confirm that you really don’t want anything from the store"

"I promise to put down my phone whenever we are talking - no matter how hard it is."

"I promise to accept your hairs in the sink if you can accept my hair in the shower drain."

"I promise to always queue up with you for bubble tea & warehouse sales."

"I promise to wait for you to watch the latest episode of terrace house or [insert any favorite show]."

Hope this list of honest and realistic wedding vows has been helpful in inspiring your vow writing process! Let us know what are some of the realistic vows you incorporated into your wedding vows? If you already had your wedding, who's to stop you from coming up with a fresh set of attainable and realistic vows with your partner this coming anniversary? Remember a marriage is not just the wedding, but a journey!

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