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7 types of poses for a stunning solo bridal portrait

Solo bridal portraits has been a time-honored tradition to showcase the glowing beauty of brides. Getting that stunning solo beauty shot during your wedding photo shoot will help immortalize that moment for eternity, where the bride can always look back on her beauty time and again. After all, it is not often you go through an extremely thorough makeover- literally from head to toe - and get dressed up in gorgeous gowns.

Wondering how to nail that stunning bridal portrait? Here's a list of effortlessly beautiful and natural poses you can easily replicate, with or without some simple props to achieve a bridal portrait that is uniquely you.

Share these inspirations with your wedding vendors to help get everything prepared ahead of the shoot.

1 // Glance over the shoulder

Natural pose for the camera shy bride - with either both hands held in front or holding a bouquet to the side. Emphasizes the silhouette of the gown and also the side profile and hair.

2 // Sitting pretty

This can be as casual or formal a portrait depending on the bride. Sit upright holding your bouquet and with the veil over the face for a more formal looking shot. Else, sit showcasing your legs and shoes for a slightly more casual feel to the portrait. This natural pose can be achieved indoors or outdoors (steps / staircases etc.)

3 // Sexy back

This pose works best with two types of dresses - those with beautiful train designs and dresses that are figure hugging. For the former, it creates a beautiful ethereal feel to the portrait, and the latter showcases the bride's silhouette. Works well in the following settings: In front of mirrors, opening windows / doors and going up staircases.

4 // Veiled close ups

Veils are great accessories that can highlight the beauty of the bide in a close up shot. Depending on how the veil is used, you can get really different and special portrait close ups - try out these poses below or come up with your very own.

5 // Another perspective

Who says you can't get creative with bridal portraits? Try out these laying down shots. You'll be pretty relaxed while your photographer gets the perfect shot.

6 // Classic

Of course we are not forgetting the most classic portrait shots of all - the front facing with a bouquet. Even so, there a few different ways to change up a classic. Play around with the position of the bouquet, the veil movements and even if you are looking directly at the camera.

7 // Playing with the dress

This is a super natural pose any bride can easily achieve. Play around naturally with your dress (works especially well if the dress is flowy and can showcase movement well) and the photographer can capture your natural interaction with the dress when you are not even noticing.

Hope this list has been helpful in your wedding photography preparations! For our full Pinterest board of inspirations, check it out here. For more tips to prepare for your upcoming local pre wedding photoshoot check out our following articles: "How to Prepare for Your Perfect Pre Wedding Shoot - The Ultimate Checklist" , "10 Romantic Couple Pose Inspirations for Your Pre Wedding Photoshoot" and many more.


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