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3 Simple Steps To Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Love the idea of poring through photo albums or photos of your big day together with your partner, friends or family, reliving the highs of the big day again?

Then there is an important step you need to take to ensure that will be a magical moment instead of a complete nightmare!

Choose the right wedding photographer!

And why is that so? Well, if you think about it, the wedding photographer is the key person documenting all the moments going on amidst the hectic activities on the day itself - both the highlights as well as the hidden behind the scenes.

If you are looking to reminisce and savor each moment, you need to make sure it has been captured well by the photographer! There is literally no other alternative - which is why this is such an important step to get right!

So how should you go about picking the right wedding photographer for your big day? Read on for a few simple tips that will come in handy!

Start With A Budget

Photo by NORTHFOLK on Unsplash

As with all other wedding vendors, the best way to narrow down an impossibly huge search is to land on a budget from the very beginning.

Start with some simple research to figure out the realistic range of wedding photography services. Here's a range we found with a quick Google search: $1800 - $4000 for 10 hours

Next, search for photographers that fall within your budget and start putting them on your shortlist. Do make sure to check what is included in the wedding photography services package for each different photographer so you know what to expect.

Some things to look out for include:

  • Number of hours of shooting - and can you split the hours?

  • Does the rate include a 2nd photographer or is that a separate cost?

  • Any additional surcharges for early starts or late ending

  • Deposit, refund and cancellation policy

  • How long will it take to receive the edited photos? (usually 4 - 6 weeks)

Note: Adding a second photographer to capture other on-going moments or alternative angles while the main photographer focuses on the couple could add on to the quote.

Choose Your Preferred Style

Photos from Lovestills Signature Photo Books & Timeless Photo Albums

Like any artist, wedding photographers too create art by shooting with their own preferred styles.

Not all styles may appeal to you. And that is perfectly fine. The key is to find a photographer that can shoot well in your preferred style.

How to find out if they shoot in your preferred style? Simple enough, take a look at their online portfolios and galleries to get a sense of their style - from composition, editing approach, ability to document various moments from the big day and more. And ask yourself which photos you like the best? Which resonates best with you? Which would you love to see in your own wedding album?

While doing your research, try to look for full galleries that capture the whole wedding day instead of just highlights so you can have a better sense of their work. If this is not available online, try reaching out to the photographer - most would be quite open to share a more comprehensive collection in person.

Tip: Avoid asking a photographer to shoot in the style of another photographer - you want to have your photographer shoot in a style he/she is comfortable with instead of experimenting on something new for your big day. Too much a risk in our opinion.

Have a Chemistry Meeting

Photo by bantersnaps on Unsplash

You want to be comfortable around the person that will be shooting some of your most emotionally intimate moments of your life. So making sure you and your partner can get along well with your photographer is key to avoid awkward situations on the big day.

Our recommendation is to always meet up with your photographers in person before making the final call. A simple chat over coffee is usually enough to help you gauge your chemistry with the photographer, figure out if your expectations align and more.

Useful questions to ask your photographer:

  • How do you approach wedding day photography?

  • Do you have a full portfolio of your work to share?

  • I have a shot list of must-have photo moments, are you open to adhering to that?

  • Do you need to check out the venues in advance?

  • Is there a backup photographer in case you are unable to shoot my wedding? Can I have a look at their portfolio as well?

Tip: Where possible engage your preferred actual day wedding photographer for your pre-wedding shoot too! In a way, it is the perfect way to have a trial of what you can expect on the day itself and get used to working with them behind the lenses! If it goes well, you would be even more confident in his/her works. If not, you can quickly search for an alternative and you would have dodged a bullet there.

And all that is left, is to have them work their magic on the big day, post-editing and have the precious photos delivered to you after the big day!


Wondering what to do with your wedding photos?

Photo from Lovestills Article: How To Choose Photos For Your Wedding Album

We came up with 8 interesting ways you can make full use of them so that everyone who was part of the big day can have a memento of sorts.

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We are looking forward to creating a one of a kind keepsake for you!


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