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Why do a pre-wedding photoshoot?

This is a perennial question many brides ask in forums. grooms ask their brides and never really get a straightforward answer to. Everyone has their opinions on this topic, and I thought I could share my personal thoughts too.

As a person who's super awkward in front of the camera, I never felt the need for a pre-wedding photo shoot, even up till 3 months before my own wedding day. In fact it was my husband-to-be who proposed we should take a simple photo session, just to commemorate the milestone and I went along.

It was a simple affair. He picked the photographer (best choice ever), we scheduled a suitable date and we just turned up for it. I had a $70 wedding dress from a sample sale, he used one of his normal work suits, and we changed out into casual attire for another part of the shoot. And that was it.

Two years and more into our marriage, every time I look at my bedside album and canvas print and I am so thankful he convinced me to do the pre-wedding photo shoot. Why?

Capturing you in your prime

As a couple who have spent almost 10 years together before tying the knot, we have tons of couple pictures, so it's not a matter of that. We could easily put together an hour long montage of unglam, casual or formal shots - you name it, we have it.

What we do not have, is a proper professional photo shoot that captured us looking at our best, in our prime. Every chance we happen to look at our pre-wedding photos (which is quite often, since it's proudly on display in our bedroom), we will chuckle and praise each other on how great we look then, and suggest we should make the effort to do up ourselves for the next date.

These are photos I am glad I took, because I cannot wait to share these, apart from all the other crazy shots we have published on Facebook, with our kids - that hey, Mum & Dad looked great once.

Destress before the wedding

We treated it like a special date, and took a break from wedding planning. Some brides or grooms might feel it's another item on the wedding to-do list, but it really is as stressful or relaxing as you want it to be.

There is an increasing trend of couples opting for a casual photoshoot (no gown/ suits), and that definitely takes the stress off the preparation. Treat it like a fun date, with a professional photographer documenting your happy moments.

Take a trip down memory lane

Planning weddings can be exhausting, and the couple gets bogged down with too many things that don't matter. The pre-wedding photo shoot is a great opportunity to take a break and take a trip down memory lane together before tying the knot. It's extremely meaningful, and will definitely help recharge your energy towards planning the wedding.

Pick locations and props that mean something to you two as a couple. Many couples of ours have picked meaningful locations like their schools where they met, a hobby/sport they enjoy together, spots in their own homes, their favorite restaurants, shopping malls and more... These make the photos all the more meaningful when you look back on them together in the future and reminisce those good old times.

Do a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Your Own Way

For the couples who are debating whether to do a pre-wedding photoshoot or not, my personal take is to do it. It is a moment you cannot replicate in the future. What you can do, is to do it your own way.

A pre-wedding photoshoot at the crux of it, is about the capturing the meaningful moments between you and your loved ones. You don't have to go overseas, you don't have to buy/rent a super expensive gown or suit, you don't have to stress over all the details of planning the photoshoot (leave it in the hands of your trusted photographer). Just ask yourself what you would like to be captured in memories so you can look back together, and focus on that.

Display Your Photos

After the photo shoot, remember to make sure these photos don't get lost in the cloud. Make the effort to put them proudly on display, be it a coffee table album, a bedside frames, canvas prints and more. Incorporating milestone photos as such into your home decor is a simple way of reminding yourselves of happy times! Plus, displaying couple photos proudly at home can also do wonders on a psychological level on reassuring your partner on how important they are to you.

If you came by this article because you were still struggling on whether to go-ahead with a pre-wedding shoot or not, I hope this read has been helpful in making up your mind. Share with us in the comments below if you have decided to go ahead or not and why?

Thanks for reading through our thoughts on this topic!

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