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Lovestills™ Behind the Scenes: A Q&A with Bliss Pact’s Wedding Planning Maestro

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Lovestills sits down with celebrity wedding (think Cheryl Wee & Melissa Celestine Koh) planner Bliss Pact's Clare Yuru to discover her unique philosophy when working with brides to plan for their dream wedding and what goes on behind the scene experiences when planning one of a kind weddings.

Lovestills_BlissPact Weddings

Photo by: Multifolds Photography

It’s not a common profession in Singapore. How did you decide to become a wedding planner?

From a young age, I was exposed to beautiful weddings in media and was inspired to be a part of something so elegant and memorable.

I explored a variety of professions - from beauty to events management (where I first got a taste of what wedding planning was actually like but was more focused on corporate events)- before deciding to follow my heart in wedding planning full time.

It has been more than 5 years since I embarked on my wedding planning journey began and almost two years since I founded Bliss Pact to focus on creating one of a kind weddings for brides and planning other life’s happy occasions with a growing team.

Lovestills_BlissPact Weddings

Photo by: Multifolds Photography

What is a day in the life of a Bliss Pact wedding planner like?

Many people have the misconception that we work only after people’s working hours since we typically get to meet our brides and grooms then, but that could not be further from the truth.

We work through the day on a really hectic schedule. Developing concepts (we are on Pinterest alot!), sourcing the right vendors, and liaising with all the various parties involved (including the in-laws!) are all part and parcel of our daily routine too.

Weekends are usually when weddings are held and we need to be on site to ensure the entire day runs smoothly from prep work all the way till after the final speeches and farewells, so really you could say we work 24/7.

There is nothing really constant in the daily routine of a Bliss Pact planner except that we are usually running around and not behind a desk.

Lovestills_BlissPact Weddings

Photo by: Multifolds Photography

What do you love most about your role?

I not-so-secretly love the satisfaction of providing that peace of mind for the bride and groom to enjoy the big and little moments of their big day and not having them fuss about anything.

Sometimes I thank my lucky stars that I get to cross paths with such amazing people, be a part of a significant life milestone that the couple is embarking on and make more friends in the process - when the bride tells you to get off work and go party with them after the wedding or the couple’s parents invites you along for family outings after the wedding, that’s a feeling you cannot describe.

Lovestills_BlissPact Weddings

Photo by: Mindy Tan Photography

So what is your philosophy when it comes to planning a wedding for a new couple?

“Showcasing the Couple” is something I really believe in. Our portfolio at Bliss Pact does not focus on any particular style because we tailor the concepts for each wedding according to the style and needs of the specific couple. Before I begin to conceptualize, I will find out more about each couple by consolidating their responses to our unique couple Q&A.

While I will take into consideration what is in trend, I tend to focus more on what is suitable for the respective couple.

It is also really important to me that the couple and I have a comfortable relationship. As I will work really closely with the couple (mostly the brides, but grooms are typically very cooperative too!), it is important that they enjoy communicating with me and are open and honest of their needs and wants to ensure I can plan a meaningful wedding for them.

Lovestills_BlissPact Weddings

Photo by: Trouve Photography

You and your team have transformed many dreams into reality for a great many couples. Which was one of the most memorable event you remember planning?

Of the 100 plus weddings in my memory, the one that holds the dearest to me is one where the entire family were deeply involved in the wedding planning process. I have never planned a wedding before where so many family members were so willing to help and was very amazed at how the family expressed their love for the couple.

The couple themselves were amazing as well. They were incredibly hands-on in ensuring that every aspect of the wedding was personalized to tell the story behind their love. From the invites to the choice of menu items, each curated item told of a different aspect of the love story between the couple. It was an amazing conversational topic amongst the guests and it brought back many memories for everyone and everyone had an amazing time at the wedding.

Lovestills_BlissPact Weddings

Photo by: Bliss Pact

What are some exciting wedding trends you think are catching on for 2018?

More brides are having their weddings outside of the traditional hotel ballrooms this year. There are plenty of amazing indoor and outdoor venues around Singapore (E.g. Open Farm Community, Vineyard at Hort Park and Pollen etc..) that would provide a unique and stunning backdrop for an alternative bespoke wedding.

Color schemes wise, I am also seeing more brides do away with common pastel colors and opting for brighter or even darker colors to incorporate into their stationery, florals and setups.

Florals are no longer the most exciting part of the setup, as the trend moves towards greens which are suitable for minimalist vibes or even lush dramatic effects.

While these trends are exciting, it is probably meaningful to consider what these ideas mean to you as a couple when you incorporate them into your wedding - something that I always have the back of my mind when I plan for my couples.

Lovestills_BlissPact Weddings

Photo by: Androids in Boots

Last but not least, from your experienced perspective, what are some tips you would give to couples who are just at the beginning of their wedding preparation journey?


It is very common for brides to start confirming vendors in their excitement soon after the engagement period - when they have yet to truly think through what they really want. My suggestion to brides would be to take a month or two - enjoy the heady feeling of being engaged which will cool off over a few weeks time - then start looking around to find out what you really like.

Discuss your priorities as a couple and understand what are things you cannot compromise on and what are things you can live without.

A great tip that works for my couples who cannot decide: I ask them to think of themselves as a guest at a wedding and if that particular aspect of the wedding is something they will notice? If yes, it is probably something important to them. If not, they can probably do without it.

Most importantly of all, do enjoy the wedding planning period and set the mood right for the big day.

Lovestills_BlissPact Weddings

Photo by: Trouve Photography

Couples looking for a team of committed, passionate and skilled individuals to transform your wildest dreams into reality, look no further. Visit Biss Pacts website to see more of they do (all images in this article has been kindly provided by Bliss Pact) or drop them an email at to get to know them better!


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