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9 meaningful ways to thank your parents on your wedding day.

As you embark on your next major life milestone in getting married, take the opportunity to thank your parents or guardians who have been there with you for every other milestone before this big day.

There are many ways to go about thanking your parents - before, during or even after the big day. Here are a few sentimental gestures we have thought of for you to consider!

Photo Credit: Aaron Burden

A Thank You Note / Letter

Are you too shy to express your heartfelt thanks to a ballroom full of guests? Try penning down your thoughts and thanks on paper. Pass it to your parents before or during the wedding day. They will be really touched by this sweet gesture.

Wearing your Mother’s Gown / Father’s Suit

This would be the ultimate tribute to your parent. If it’s not exactly what you had pictured in mind for your actual day, perhaps try it on for your pre-wedding photoshoot? Send the pictures to mum or dad and you will get an amazing response!

Photo Credit: Jeremy Wong

Embroidered Handkerchiefs

Parents always cry on their children’s big day. Imagine yourself as a parent giving your child that you have brought up for so many years to another to take care of them for the rest of their lives. Prepare a simple gift of a handkerchief for your parents before the big day. Show them even if you get married, you will always have their well-being at heart.

Photo Credit: Eufloria

Bouquet of Flowers

Shower your parents (yes dad too!) with love with a bouquet of their favourite flowers! Everyone loves a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Gift it to them on the actual day or send it to brighten up their home after the big day to remind them you are thinking of them (even while you have just embarked on your new milestone in life).

Use their Wedding Song or Favourite Songs

Do you know your parent’s wedding song? Or do they have a favourite love song? Use it in your wedding playlist or even better for your wedding march in. It is a subtle tribute that only you and your parents will know. Who knows it could be an amazing memory or tradition in the making

Recreate their Wedding Photo

What better way to honor your parents by recreating their wedding photo with your significant other! Share the photos on your actual day as a great way to involve your parents in a day that’s so meaningful to you. Plus point: It’s an amazing way to get them to share more about their special day with you!

A Photo Keepsake of the Big Day

Take time after the big day to compile a physical photo keepsake for your parents to pore over and reminisce the happy occasion. Be it prints, a photo book or even a canvas of a family portrait, these will ensure that your parents have a tangible keepsake of your big day they can keep close at hand and to their heart.

Family Dinner / Outing

Remember to take some time before or after the big day to connect with your family. Weddings tend to be huge affairs that take up a lot of time and energy from the bride and groom and it is inevitable for us to neglect the people around us. Consciously make time to connect and make sure your parents do not feel left out amidst the hectic planning by organizing a simple family dinner or outing to catch up.

Photo Credit: Alex Blăjan

Weekend Getaway

Surprise your parents with a short “honeymoon” trip of their own. They have been taking care of you and your siblings for the greater part of their lives. It’s time they get to enjoy some deserving couple time of their own.

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