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8 Stay Home Couple Activities To Keep The Spark Alive

The past month (nay the past year and more) has been a never-ending series of disrupted gatherings, cancelled outings, dining plans and more. It's disappointing for sure, but since we cannot do much about the situation, we can only try to make the most of it.

In planning ahead for the next few months where we foresee a lot more time spent at home (with just the two of us), we decided why not list down the ideas that we are hoping to try out together to keep sane!

For everyone reading this article, stay safe and hope you will find some joy in this period with some of these activities to try out with your partner at home! #SayNoToRoutine

Travel (Online) With Airbnb Experiences

We miss travelling oh so much. So, in a bid to replicate some semblance of travelling, we found that Airbnb has now included "Online Experiences" as part of their offering to help people travel all around the world from the comfort of their own home.

While this is not meant to entirely replace the physical travelling experience (nothing can!), it is definitely the next best alternative that allows you to immerse yourself in different cultures and explore new places!

Here are some experiences we are looking forward to try out:

Sounds like a blast doesn't it? There is like 900+ activities you can choose from, so there is bound to be something that can interest you and your partner!

Learn More About Each Other

Honestly, this is something many couples take for granted after some time. But in most cases, there is usually so much more to learn about one another. Trust me, even after 13 years together, we still manage to find out surprising things about each other!

Learning about your partner can be a fun and interactive process. Here are some games that can help you along:

Organize A Themed Movie Date For Two

One of our default activities at home is to wind down and relax with a Netflix show or two. So we got about to thinking, what if we changed things up a bit so it's not so routine? And that is how we landed on the idea of planning a whole night around the show we will be watching.

Here's an potential idea:

  • Pick a movie (e.g. Spirited Away)

  • Order in or cook a cuisine to match the movie (e.g. Japanese food!)

  • Dress up for the part (e.g. Put on a kimono or anything close you can find!)

  • And enjoy the movie!

Doesn't that already sounds fun? Depending on the movie you pick, you could have a totally different night in! Think Slum Dog Millionaire, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, or Fifty Shades of Grey (ahem).

Hold A "Pretend" Concert

Loving singing your hearts out in the bath or karaoke? How about putting on a show for one another? Here are the steps you can follow to hold your very own concert at home:

  • Pick out a song list or let them pick out a song list for you

  • Prepare your showiest outfit

  • Rehearse some flashy dance moves (if at all)

  • Get a mic and background instrumentals (or YouTube) ready

  • Dedicate an evening of performance to one another

Plan Your Dream Vacation

Now is the perfect time to plan your perfect vacation together.

While we may not be able to travel in the immediate future, why not take all the extra time now to plan the ideal itinerary for when we can! Dedicate some time every weekend to decide where you would like to explore or stay during your trip. In our case, it will be for road trip across Japan!

Done with your dream itinerary? Put it up somewhere you can see it everyday so that it acts as motivation to get you both through these tough times.

Brush Up On Your Massage Skills

Not sure if everyone appreciates a good massage, but my partner and I sure do! Which is why we thought this might be a great skill we can pick up with the time we have at home on the weekends.

  • Check out YouTube tutorials

  • Set up a nice relaxing ambience

  • Practice on one another

If anything, this is a great life skill that will probably help you out of some knotty situations in the future (pun intended!).

Be A Personal Shopper For Each Other

My partner thinks it is really fun to shop for outfits that he thinks look good on me. Me not so much, but I do get a sense of satisfaction when I get an outfit for him online and it looks great on him in person.

Sit each other down, interview them about their style preferences (or not if you already know), and start browsing online with each other, discuss, and order for them!

When the loots arrive, make sure you make an event out of it, where both of you get to take OOTD photos with the outfit that your partner specially picked out for you!

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane

Photo by

This is something we love to do together even wayyyyy before we had to stay home. Pick up your physical photo albums, scroll through your albums from the phone or laptop and go through the pictures together!

Make it a game to see who can guess where it was, and what were you guys doing then?

Trust us when we say this activity will bring about all the fuzzy feel good vibes and you will feel so much more in love after it!

Want to go the extra step? Put together a photobook of your most special memories, or let us do it for you!

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