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7 Unexpectedly Romantic & Indulgent Honeymoon Destinations to Consider

When planning a honeymoon, it can be tempting to find a destination you know have been tried and tested. Especially when you are already exhausted from the wedding planning, it is probably the last thing on your to-do list to research much for the upcoming trip.

We have been in that position before and want to help busy brides look out for some non-typical honeymoon destinations and activities! We did some of the leg work so you get a head start on your honeymoon planning!

Below is a list of unexpectedly romantic & indulgent honeymoon destinations for you to consider.

Finland (Duration: 1 - 1.5 weeks)

From witnessing nature’s awe inspiring Northern Lights, snuggling close together under the blankets of your glass igloo, experiencing a Finnish sauna, visiting a Game of Thrones themed Snow Village to cruising across the bright white landscape with a team of huskies or reindeer as your guides, Finland has plenty to offer as a fun-filled honeymoon destination.

Must Stay Hotel: Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort - Book the Glass Igloo for the ultimate Artic experience.

Peru & the Galapagos Islands (Duration: 2 weeks)

Perfect for nature & wildlife lovers, a honeymoon in Peru & the Galapagos is definitely a one of a kind experience. In Peru, drink in breathtaking views of world famous archaeological sites, feast on incredible Peruvian cuisine at Latin America's No.1 restaurant, visit surrounding villages maintained by indigenous locals and tour the capitals’ vibrant shopping districts and museums. In the Galapagos, gain an appreciation of the natural wonders on board a cruise that brings you from island to island, discovering untouched beaches, penguin colonies, turtles, sharks and many more wildlife species.

Must Stay: Hotel B - Connected to the Gallery next door, where guests can enjoy private viewings and special event.

South Africa (Duration: 1 - 2 weeks)

Photo Credit: Chitwa Chitwa

Looking for both a little adventure and relaxation on your honeymoon - the vast lands of South Africa offers both for a well balanced honeymoon trip. Explore the national parks with an expert range guide, go on whale watching trips or experience the thrill of shark cage diving. Looking for something else that does not involve animals? How about checking out archaeological sites or touring the vineyard estates for wine tasting? Want more beach side action - how about hopping on a flight to Mauritius where the pristine beaches run for miles and you can relax to your hearts content, or partake in the numerous water activities available?

Must Stay: Chitwa Chitwa Game Reserve - Immersed in luxury, surrounded by nature

Cambodia (Duration: 1 week)

Photo Credit: Phum Baitang | Alexander

Cambodia is the perfect destination for newlyweds looking for a regional destination where you can live it up in luxury on a budget. Admire the stunning sunrise together at Angkor Wat, explore the river’s natural attractions (caves) via a private boat cruise, frolick amidst the turquoise pools beneath limestone waterfalls, tour the fascinating temples via private tours, go on a thrilling helicopter ride or even a hot air balloon ride.

Must Stay: Phum Baitang - Nestled amidst private, lush gardens and rice fields

Morroco (Duration: 1.5 weeks - 2 weeks)

Photo Credit: Royal Mansour

With plenty of romantic experiences across the magical kingdom, Morocco is the ideal honeymoon destination for couples with a taste for exotic locales. Wander hand in hand through the colorful maze-like alleyways of the markets in Morocco, uncovering fascinating finds with every turn. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular performances of street jugglers, fortune tellers or even snake charmers. To relax, simply retreat into any of the incredibly fancy hotels with expansive gardens, gorgeous rooms and authentic hammams for you to just laze your day away. For the adventurous duo, there’s always a magical desert camp in the Sahara or mountainous hikes with rewarding views in the Atlas Mountains.

Must Stay: Royal Mansour - Live like Moroccan Royalty

Caribbean (Duration: 1 -1.5 weeks)

Photo Credit: Rajvinder singh | Amanyara

When you imagine the Caribbean islands it is easy to picture the stretches of pristine white sand, calm clear water and warm soothing sea breeze - the perfect setting of a honeymoon paradise. Drink in the gorgeous sunsets with your partner and take long romantic walks down the beaches. Enjoy fun filled days of water sports and island hopping to your hearts content. Treat yourself to amazing fine dining experiences by the shore or on a sunset cruise. At the end of the day, retreat to your super-luxury resorts and recharge for the next day in paradise.

Must Stay: Amanyara - Discover the natural wonders of the Caribbean

Greece (Duration: 1.5 - 2 weeks)

Santorini is arguably one of the most romantic destinations on the planet, but let us not forget about the other Greek cities (like Athens and Mykonos) that have the same amazing hospitality and gorgeous landscapes which makes it an ideal honeymoon destination. Take leisurely strolls amidst magnificent and mind blowing ancient ruins in Athens, enjoy spectacular views of the caldera at sunset in Santorini, and wander amongst the quaint white washed alleys in Mykonos. Not forgetting to enjoy the wonderful wines and feast on the amazing seafood that Greece has to offer all across the country.

Must Stay: Sophia Luxury Suites (Santorini) - Get the Utopia room with an indoor plunge pool for an experience of heaven on earth


We sure hope that this list of honeymoon destinations is helpful for kickstarting your honeymoon planning for an extraordinary experience. If you need some help with other wedding related stuff, check out our other useful articles you might find interesting: Checklist for your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, How to Choose Photos for your Wedding Album, and more...

Want to recommend us some other unexpectedly romantic honeymoon destinations? Share them with us here!


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