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7 Relaxing couple spas & massages before the wedding

We know preparing for the big wedding day can be a tiring process for both the bride and groom. One KEY thing we always remind our couples, is to never forget about self care during this busy and hectic period. There are many simple ways you can go about incorporating self care, but one of our favorites is definitely taking time off our busy schedule and enjoying a relaxing couple spa or massage together.

My husband and I are huge fans of "relaxing", so we have tried out a number of couple spas or massage in Singapore - we didn't really need the wedding to give us an excuse to try them out. Check out the options we have consolidated below for you.


This is one of our favorite regular go-to massage spots in town. It's clean, affordable pricing and great standard of masseurs. If both you and your fiance are on leave the week before the wedding, we highly recommend heading down (always book ahead in case) during a weekday morning/afternoon - it's usually very empty and peaceful. Take your mind of the wedding, relax and just enjoy a wonderful foot reflexology (60mins $51) session or massage (60mins $65) together. Bonus: We love the ginger tea here!

Green Apple Spa | Imperial Apple Spa

Another personal favorite is this affordable massage chain. One main reason we enjoy this spot is because they can play movies while you enjoy a foot massage. On occasions where we go on off-peak periods, we have the whole huge room to ourselves and we get to pick any movie we want to watch on a large screen. You must be skipping on movie weekends ever since the wedding planning started right? This is a great way to have a movie date + relax at the same time.

The standard of foot reflexology and back massages are both consistently good which is why we keep going back. Put your phone aside (stop checking Pinterest wedding inspirations) and relax with a wonderful foot reflexology (60mins $43) session or massage (60mins $55) together.

Elements Wellness

We tried out their Couple Jacuzzi Spa Retreat (60mins massage and 40mins jacuzzi $158 for 2 pax) on a special occasion at their 313 somerset outlet. We liked that there was an option of a couple room and also a Jacuzzi after the massage - how romantic. While writing this article we also discovered they had another couple offering - the Signature Koyamaki Onsen Ritual which includes a 60min massage, back scrub, 40min onsen therapy & steam bath and foot detox. Now that I want to try! Their outlets are conveniently located in town, so you can always schedule to pop by after one of those stressful wedding meetings with the hotels.

Spa Infinity

What we loved most about Spa Infinity was how all their services included unlimited use of Micronized Ion Jacuzzi, Infrared Sauna & Crystal Cool Shower. We tried out their massage and spa services on a credit card promotion (super useful, so do look out for those!) and had a wonderfully relaxing time. The massage was not really on the same level as my favorite massage parlors listed above (but it could be my luck), but I totally enjoyed just trying out their jacuzzi, sauna and more. We also got to chill in the private lounge and had some refreshments and snacks.

They have an online promotion package - 2 Hour Spa Indulgence for $158.36 (60-min Classic Facial + 60-min Massage) - which seems like a great deal! It's located at Suntec city, super near to a bunch of hotels, so again, a fantastic place to refresh yourself after a flurry of wedding related errands.

Love the idea of Japanese onsens and Korean jimjilbangs? This is probably the closest you will get to one in Singapore - apart from Yunomori Onsen Spa (which I haven't been too yet, but would love to visit). It's a large facility, with massage services, free flow food, lounging areas where you can nap or watch movies, saunas, steam rooms and hot baths. The women's side only have one pool compared to the guys side though :( We didn't go for the massage facilities at it seems quite expensive, but they have introduced a $68 pass to enjoy the facilities for 24 hours. If you are up to try a unique relaxing experience, this could be it!

Ganbanyoku | Antioxident Wellness

This is not exactly a traditional spa or massage service, but it's an absolutely fantastic relaxation therapy. I have personally gone for sessions over 3 years, and brought my friends, relatives, husband and in laws along too. So why not introduce it to stressed out brides and grooms? Bonus: It leaves your skin glowing and smooth. To explain: Ganbanyoku is a popular form of thermal relaxation therapy in Japan. It involves a bed made out of special stones that release therapeutic warmth and naturally emit Far-Infrared rays (FIR) and negative ions.once they are heated and help relax the body & mind. All you need to do is lie there (I've fallen asleep on occasion) and sweat it out.

Palm Ave Float Club

Again, this is not exactly a traditional spa or massage service, but I definitely consider it a form of relaxation therapy so it's here on this list. It worked wonders for me when I was super stressed out, so this would be perfect for couples who need to clear their minds and destress before the wedding. The idea behind flotation therapy is that by reducing sensory input (you float in an enclosed tank), floating lowers your cortisol levels and blood pressure, sending you into deep relaxation. Check out the many other benefits here.

The space is designed beautifully to put you at ease the moment you enter the Float Club, and is a nice relaxing environment for you to chill after your float too. While this is the only activity on the list where you don't do the therapy together (each person gets their individual flotation pod in a separate room), you can definitely relax together after the float.

Hope this list has been helpful in deciding somewhere to take your mind off the wedding preparation and just relax and recharge your bodies and mind. Let us know which place you tried out and how did it work in helping you relax before the big day?

Disclaimer: The prices are accurate at point of publishing, but subject to changes by spas. Do make sure to check with spas or massage parlors before your visit.


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