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30 Day Kindness Challenge #LoveBetter

Because making our world a better place starts with each and every one of us.

2020 as a whole was not the most amazing year for many people out there. From forest fires, polarization in communities worldwide and of course COVID-19's massive impact, many all around the world, and even in our tiny city state has felt the brunt of the worst the year has brought upon us.

As 2020 comes to a close and we embrace the beginnings of a new year, we are bringing back a challenge we did for 2019 - the 30 Day Kindness Challenge - since it's something we could all do with to help get 2021 off to a good start! #LoveBetter

Ready to spread a little goodness into the world starting Jan 1st 2021? Start the year right with these simple little things you can say or do every day to bring some light and happiness into someone's day!

Day 1:

Send a thank you note / whatsapp / email to someone who has helped you today!

Day 2:

Make someone laugh! There are so many ways to do this: Send them a clip with cute animals, share a funny joke you heard over the weekend, repost a funny TikTok and more...

Day 3:

Give a family member or friend a hug for no reason at all and thank them for being in your life!

Day 4:

Smile at everyone you see today! A fellow commuter or colleague could be having a bad day and a smile could really help brighten up their day!

Day 5:

Day 6:

Give someone a genuine compliment and watch their face light up! Examples: "That new hairstyle really suits you!", "You did really well on that presentation earlier!" or "Your cooking skills have really up-levelled - that was an amazing meal!"

Day 7:

Hold the door for someone behind you. Yes it can be as simple as a gesture like this!

Day 8:

Make a small donation to an uncle / auntie / students along the streets who are selling tissue papers or asking for donations.

Day 9:

Say "Good Morning" to a random stranger you see on the streets or neighborhood today! It might also encourage them to repeat it with others! What fun!

Day 10:

Check out this list of organizations consolidated by SassyMama if you are wondering where to donate your stuff to.

Day 11:

Make it a point not to complain the entire day. It may be hard at certain points of the day, but once you get through the day, you will definitely feel great about achieving that!

Day 12:

Spread some encouragement online! Say something positive about a friend's post on Instagram or Facebook, or post positive reviews on Google or Facebook about a small business you just patronized.

Day 13:

Give up your bus or train seat to someone else in need. It doesn't need to be for an elderly person, little kid or pregnant lady. A retail staff who has had a long day, a student who has had a draining CCA session or a migrant worker who has toiled a whole day in the sun, are people who would appreciate this nice gesture of yours!

Day 14:

Day 15:

Do someone a favor without asking for anything in return!

Day 16:

Tell a friend/ family member / partner how much you treasure them. We really don't say nice things to the people we love enough. Let's make it a point to start doing that today!

Day 17:

Be kind to your service staff! Flash them a smile and say thank you!

Even better, write something nice on their feedback forms or Facebook page - trust us when we say it will make their day!

Day 18:

Text someone "Good morning" or "Good night and rest well!". It feels good to know someone cares!

Day 19:

Pick up a piece of trash you see today! Even better, schedule a trash picking session around your neighborhood or at one of our beaches!

P.S We tried it ourselves on Christmas Day 2020 and collected a two full bags of rubbish just under an hour!

Day 20:

Day 21:

Collect your loose change for the day and donate it!

Day 22:

Ask someone sincerely what you can do to help them. And help away!

Day 23:

Resolve to refrain from negative self-talk today! Yes you deserve your own kindness too!

Day 24:

Load extra change into the vending machine to buy the next person a drink/ snack! It'll be a fun surprise!

Day 25:

Tip your delivery person or driver for their hard work and give them a pleasant surprise! They have been working extra hard to bring conveniences to our doorsteps for all of us staying at home!

Day 26:

Day 27:

Schedule some time this week to have a chat, meal or call with an elderly person in your life! This special effort to connect will most definitely brighten up their day.

Day 28:

Don't use disposable cutlery today! Plan ahead so you don't have to! Yes kindness should extend to our environment too!

Day 29:

Volunteer to help your family or friends take care of their kids for a few hours or a day (if you can!) so the parents can enjoy some precious alone time together!

Day 30:

Find a cause that is close to your heart and do your part for it! Be it donating, volunteering or fundraising!

We also highly recommend donating to any of the causes before March 2021 since the government has a scheme that matches dollar for dollar any donations made during this period!

Enjoyed this 30 Day Kindness Challenge?

The beauty is that it does not have to stop here! Repeat the challenge again for the next month, get your friends, family or colleagues on board! The more the merrier and the bigger the ripple it will make on society!

Let's make a conscious effort to give 2021 a good start! Help spread the word to get your circle of friends started on this meaningful challenge!

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