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How to "Honeymoon" in Singapore: A Guide For Couples in This Covid Era

In 2020 and 2021, thanks to the continued pandemic worldwide, many of us have lost the privilege to travel. For newlyweds who got married amidst these chaos - and showed that love prevails - they unfortunately are unable to go for the traditional honeymoon overseas.

And so, we thought, if not overseas why not in Singapore? Who says you cannot "Honeymoon" in our local sunny island? With that, we came up with a fun guide for any couples keen to try out a special "mini-moon" in Singapore!

Read on to see what we have in store!

Staycation - Pick A Hotel To Pretend You Are Abroad

To create the illusion that you are on a trip (albeit only to another part of Singapore), we figured it all begins with a good choice of a hotel. And not just any hotel for that matter. It has to be a hotel that gives you the feeling that you are not here in Singapore.

So, we compiled a list of some hotels that fits that important criteria:

If you have any other hotels in mind, feel free to share with us in the comments below!

Honeymoon Activities - Act Like A Tourist

When we got about to thinking what would be fitting activities for this faux-honeymoon, we thought, why not act like tourists in our very own country? Exploring different parts of Singapore that you may have not previously discovered could be a fun activity to do as a couple! After all that is what trips are all about - making new experiences and creating shared memories.

P.S If you are planning on this honeymoon before June 2021, you can even use your SG Rediscover Vouchers ($100 each) for the activities or even the booking of your hotel!

Here is a list of fun touristy activities you could get up to:

  • Universal Studios Singapore (USS) - While it is not Orlando, Japan or Beijing, thrill seekers can still look forward to a fun day of activities at this popular amusement park!

  • AJ Hackett Bungee Jump & Giant Swing - Adrenaline junkies, this is the perfect couple activity for you. Bring to life the famous phrase "You jump, I jump"!

  • Surf Cove By Wavehouse Sentosa - Miss riding the waves in Hawaii? Why not try out the newly set up Surf Cove in Downdown East Singapore. Not a surfer? Wild Wild Wet is right next door for more water frolicking fun!

  • The Karting Arena - Fancy yourself an F1 driver? Well, here's your chance to burn some rubber on the tracks.

  • Kayak Through a Mangrove Swamp - Explore hidden nature spots and learn all about these precious habitats. What better way to get up close and personal with nature?

Honeymoon Activities - Spending Quality Time Together

Not keen on acting like a tourist? We get it, that is not every one's cup of tea. Instead how about activities that can help you spend more quality time together? Who wouldn't love these?

Here is a list of interesting activities you can do together as a couple:

  • Record a Love Song- Instead of listening to love songs, why not record one of your own special duets? After the one-in-a-lifetime experience behind the scenes, you will even get a keepsake of your effort together - your very own recorded song in a CD!

  • Make A Scent For Each Other - Encapsulate what you think of your partner in a scent and gift it as a gift at the end of the workshop! It's a great exercise in learning about each other's preferences and dislikes.

  • Get "Couple Tattoos" - If you are not a fan of permanent inks, then consider the incredibly beautiful Jaguar Body Art (temporary stains for up to 2 weeks). Then you can tick "couple tattoos" off your bucketlist

  • Latte Art Workshops - Are you or your partner a fan of coffee? Learn some new skills like Latte Art to improve the home-brewed coffee you can make for each other over the weekends at home.

  • Cooking Classes - Want to learn how to cook yummy home cooked meals for each other? Check out a variety of cooking classes available on many different platforms to learn your desired recipe!

Honeymoon Activities - Romantic Restaurants

After all the activities you get up to on the "mini-moon", it's time to refuel! And since it's a honeymoon, we want only the best for our palates as well as a wonderful ambiance that evokes romance.

There are plenty of romantic restaurants in Singapore, but these are some of our personal favorites:

  • Alati - Transport yourself to the beautiful island of Santorini as you indulge in amazing mouth-watering Greek cuisine. We love their fresh seafood - especially the salt baked fish!

  • Zafferano - A dose of Italian romance can be found amidst the hearty cuisine all the way from Naples and not to mention the breath-taking views from the 43rd floor!

  • The Clifford Pier - A picture perfect restaurant by the pier serving up local cuisine and occasional piano and live music accompaniment in the evenings. A great way to chill.

  • Les Bouchons - Can't go to Paris this year? Why not give this quaint little French bistro a try instead? Go for their steak frites and escargots!

  • Angie's Oyster Bar - A hidden gem near furniture shopping hotspot - Tan Boon Liat building. Serves up delectable and fresh oysters and mains (huge portions beware!) in a beautifully decorated environment.


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With our tummies settled, we have also come to the end of our simple guide for a honeymoon in Singapore.

We hope to keep on adding on to this list of fun things for couples to do in Singapore so that all couples (married or not) can refer to for keeping the spark alive!

If you find this useful, help us share this post with your newlywed friends, couples who have been married for a long time, or even people in new budding romances!

Lots of love,

Lovestills Team


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